Friday, June 3, 2011



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Max said...

I heard the Mavs have been taking alchemically charged waters. Is this how they beat Miami on their home court? Is this a legal substance?
Here is a webpage describing what they might be using. Shawn Marion and Mark Cuban are mentioned towards the bottom of this web page.

Ida333 said...

I went to the webpage you posted and I think you may be right that the Mavericks are using it. I saw something about it somewhere else but I have no idea if it is legal. Well I hope it works because I am rooting for Dallas.

Maria said...

What’s all the hype about this water? I saw something posted about this on one of the Dallas Mavericks blogs also. I think the Heat should get in on this. They claim on the website it speeds up the mind-body connection but then they say there are no chemicals in it. I wonder how that works.